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What’s new is old again

Clint Hendler tries to be kind in his assessment of’s primary-night video coverage. But in the end, he observes at, it was just TV. That the Grahams can now offer a fourth cable news channel via the Web is nice, but it’s not exactly the new-media breakthrough we’ve been waiting for. He writes:

Here’s an organization with an impressive roster of journalism pros, people who cover beats day in and day out. Bring all that to bear on an election night, and you can see how it might be the start of something special. At the same time, I could help thinking that this future looked rather old. I was seeing a newspaper ape a newscast.

I caught a few minutes of it on Tuesday. I logged in for Barack Obama’s speech. It was nothing special, and it was jerkier and less in sync than it would have been if I’d watched CNN. According to Hendler, if I’d stuck around I could have heard Jeff Jarvis say “There is no such thing as print journalism any more” for the nine-millionth time.

It might have been better than the cable nets, but it was too hard to watch. Level the technological playing field and I’ll pick the one I like best.

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  1. Jeff Jarvis

    It was a joke.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Jeff: Then why do you say it so often? I particularly liked Hendler’s observation that Meacham recognized you from your opinion.

  3. jeff

    I was responding to Meacham making a joke about being a print guy doing this. Jeesh. Lighten up, guys.

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