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Meet me at Starbucks

The best news to come out of the coffee chain in a long time is this, promising close-to-free WiFi something this spring. Currently I pay $10 to TMobile for 24 hours of access, which works at Starbucks and Borders. It’s not a bad deal if I know I’ll be able to return the next day and work for, say, five or six hours. Otherwise, it’s way too much.

I like to be a moving target, and now I’ve got several more places to move to in addition to Barnes & Noble, the library and a few indie coffeehouses I frequent. (Via Bits.)

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    DK – I have one word for you – Panera.Free wi-fi, free electricity. OK coffee.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    PP: Yes, indeed. Panera is already one of my numerous haunts.

  3. John Farrell

    Dan are you on a Macbook? I’ve got a new one, and have thought about trying some of the shops. No security worries?

  4. Dan Kennedy

    John: I’m on an iBook G4, although my employer is getting me a MacBook. (Woo, hoo!) I have never worried about security on WiFi networks. Maybe I should? I know that data can be intercepted while it’s being sent, but that doesn’t worry me nearly as much as the possibility of someone accessing my hard drive. And I’m pretty sure that’s not a serious risk.FWIW, I’m pretty sure that paid WiFi services like AT&T and TMobile are more secure than the free networks you find here and there. But I use both and don’t really think about it. I’d be more worried about a waitress copying my Visa account number after she goes to the kitchen.

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