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Investigate the lawyers

Let’s see, now. If Attorney General Michael Mukasey refuses to investigate CIA torture because government lawyers had approved those practices as being legal, doesn’t it then follow that he — actually, someone else — should investigate the lawyers? That’s what Harvey Silverglate proposes at

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  1. Larz

    The legal opinions that authorized torture are a significant weak point in the White House of cards. We have a newly- seated AG primarily focused on watching his backside on this issue. How are things going at the Justice Dept.? I recall stories about high-level positions being vacated under Gonzales. Have any jobs been filled? Is the department functional?— Larz

  2. Don, American

    Why doesn’t the government spend a lot more time legislating and a lot less time investigating. Most of the “investigating” merely involves the holier-than-thou Democrats trying the discredit Republicans. Get over it!

  3. MeTheSheeple

    How’s life under the bridge, Don? Seen the three goats lately?

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Don, AmericanDon, AmericanHe was Don, AmericanAllllllll rightHe was Don, American

  5. Don, American

    Thanks, Dan. What’s the melody?I believe there was a time when methesheeple was available, but now he’s just trolling on the net.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    Don: “Young Americans,” by David Bowie. Methesheeple is one of the very few people here whom I know personally. No troll.

  7. Don, American

    I was just commiserating with myself that I couldn’t communicate with him directly.Don’t know the song, because I’m an old coot, and it’s not my kind of music. Or maybe it is; I do like other classic rock. But all I remember are the lyrics “Ground Control to Major Tom.” I once tried to name a thoroughbred both GC and MT, but the Jockey Club said no.

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