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Did McCain overreach?

John McCain, already sucking wind in Florida, may have hurt himself in the area that’s his greatest strength — his reputation for “straight talk.” Check out the headline on this AP story: “Romney didn’t say what McCain says he said on withdrawing from Iraq.” By mischaracterizing Romney’s position, he’s succeeded in taking the spotlight off Romney’s own tenuous relationship with the truth.

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  1. Anonymous

    Not sure why you say he’s “sucking wind”…according to the link you provided it shows Romney and McCain in a dead heat in Florida.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 8:50: If the polls are to be believed, McCain has blown a double-digit lead in Florida over the past week or two.

  3. Stella

    “If the polls are to be believed” Nice qualifier.

  4. Mme_libn

    Speaking of blowing it . . . why on earth is John McCain ceding economic issues to Romney? Aside from Romney’s well-documented failure to turn around the MA economy during his tenure, the guy made his fortune *laying people off* and selling their companies for huge profits! And how does that translate into living wages for the unemployed? McCain is missing a huge opportunity in running for cover when the topic of the economy comes up.

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