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Yet another big surprise

On CNN, Carl Bernstein just supplied the story line for at least the next few days: “Bill Clinton is a huge loser in this.” Wow. Barack Obama, 54 percent; Hillary Clinton, 27 percent. The Clinton camp was reportedly prepared to declare moral victory if they could find a way to lose by less than 10 percent percentage points [Thanks, Mike_B1]. Instead, Obama beat her by two to one.

Could you imagine what people would be saying if the polls in South Carolina had been this wrong in Clinton’s favor? And will someone (i.e., Obama) finally get some momentum out of a primary victory during this weird election year?

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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe the media’s problem is that they look for “story line for at least the next few days.” Kind of a lazy way to go about things if you ask me. Such is the nature of pack journalism these days, however. Horse race and process stories…

  2. mike_b1

    Did you mean 10%, or 10 percentage points?Just curious.

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