Tight race, wrong party

Well, this is unexpected. But isn’t it always? Right now, it looks like John McCain will defeat Mitt Romney by a comfortable margin in New Hampshire, which is a slight surprise. But Hillary Clinton is ahead of Barack Obama, with the outcome too close to call — a larger surprise. Strap yourselves in.


3 thoughts on “Tight race, wrong party

  1. O-FISH-L

    If these results hold and Hillary wins, I guess we can expect more crocodile tears in the close states. How long before Edwards starts crying as a last resort?

  2. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, when Romney drops out of the race, we’ll still be stuck with the bitterly partisan remnants of the Mass. GOP, o-fish-l and PP included. Is there a governor in Mass. history with a more tragic legacy?

  3. mike_b1

    I didn’t watch the weekend NH polls closely. My impression was Obama was ahead, but that a large number of voters were undecided. If say 15% of the voters fell in that camp — again, I wasn’t watching closely — it seems a Clinton victory could hardly be called a “surprise” (except, maybe, to certain media who had begun nailing the coffin shut after Iowa, and were all but throwing the dirt on her grave after her teary-eyed performance the other day).

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