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McCain’s speech

Warm but stilted. John McCain is far better interacting with a crowd or giving interviews than he is delivering a speech. He always sounds like he’s reading it, and he never sounds like he’s totally into it. He gave a perfectly fine speech tonight, but he didn’t take advantage of the moment quite to the degree he could have.

I thought Mitt Romney’s speech was better than usual. Is he finished? It’s hard to believe otherwise. Back in October, Ryan Lizza wrote in the New Yorker:

[Romney] must win the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, states where he has been leading in the polls, and create enough momentum and media attention to carry him through to February 5th, when some twenty states will vote — including New York and California, where Romney is barely known.

He held a huge lead in both states for months, then blew it at the end. He is, as the pundits are pointing out, the only Massachusetts governor or senator ever to lose the New Hampshire primary.

I’m sure Romney will continue at least until Super Tuesday, Feb. 5. But I’ve got to believe that it’s over.

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  1. Peter Porcupine

    DK – a point to consider on the GOP. Of the 25-odd Super Tuesday states, over half are ‘closed’ primaries – that is, you must be a Registered Republican. Among Registered Republicans in NH, Romney polled about 60%. There may not be independents to boost McCain and Huckabee like there were in Iowa and NH.And of course, as of today, Mitt is still ahead of all other GOP contenders in the delegate count.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with PP, even if I can’t stand Romney – he is still in the race, even if by a long shot.Hopefully the rest of the country gets to figure out what a fraud he is before it’s too late….

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