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It’s all like high school

Markos Moulitsas on a particularly snarky media tidbit about Hillary Clinton: “Did these reporters ever graduate high school, or do they think they’re now cool because they get to sniff at Hillary Clinton instead of doing their goddam jobs?”

Can’t say I disagree.

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And it’s Obama


The speeches


  1. Steve

    Dana Milbank of the Washington Post on the media and Hillary Clinton: “The press will savage her no matter what.” Howard Kurtz’s reaction: “Interesting”.Bob Somerby’s reaction: the press is corrupt.Glenn Greenwald weighs in as well: “For all the talk about the complex ideological, economic and other factors that shape our horrendous political press coverage, it is always important to remember that so much of it — as Romano’s accurate comments highlight — is attributable to the adolescent, self-absorbed, herd-like behavior of the reporters who travel around with these candidates.”

  2. Jon Garfunkel

    The irony is lost on Kos, as usual. This was from the Washington Post’s “blog” after all. The whole pitch of the newspaper blog format was a place to dump the stuff that’s not fit for print. If this same passage came from the Huffington Post, no one would have blinked. The Washington Post has realized, like everyone else in the trade, has realized they can monetize fluff and call it “conversation.”It’s not like Kos is an astute observer of media. He’s someone else with an ax to grind.

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