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Roger Clemens

Only one thing surprises me about the news that Roger Clemens looms so large in George Mitchell’s report on steroids. I had been under the impression that a pitcher couldn’t use steroids for very long without breaking down. On that basis, I had been willing to give him a pass. But I guess I was wrong.

OK, back to work.

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  1. mike_b1

    I think we’re still scratching the surface of our knowledge of PEDs. And until a controlled study of elite athletes is conducted — fat chance! — that’s about as far as we’ll ever get.Wonder if the report’s release will finally erase the stigma Nomar’s been dealing with all these years. Doubtful.

  2. Aaron Read

    The only surprising thing to me is that so few Sox players were named. Essentially no one on the active roster was fingered…and the only two that came close were effectively cut loose within the past WEEK. Even if it’s innocent, it sure doesn’t look it. Especially not given Mitchell’s relationship with the Sox.

  3. Don, American

    He has denied it, and I, for one, am not impressed with the witnesses. Wait and see.

  4. Anonymous

    *Don – You’re not impressed with the witnesses, but what about your two eyes? The only athletes that I’ve heard showing genuine concern about ‘roids are NHL guys. They have to remain flexible and are freaked at the thought of muscle pulls and tears. Now maybe HGH is another matter I don’t know.

  5. Anonymous

    If anyone were to look at McNamee’s claims that he injected Clemens, the dates don’t correspond to any dramatic improvement in Clemens career statistics. McNamee said these things about Clemens because he was going to jail if he didn’t provide a story the DA would accept. Since the DA only wanted garbage on Clemens, that’s the only path McNamee could walk down. The same weakness that caused McNamee to invent these claims is the same weakness that caused his troubles with the law in the first place. There are many jealous folks who are willing to look only to the level that supports their claim about Clemens. They are unwilling to dig into the facts to see the true story. Where is the dramatic increase in Clemens pitching statistics? It doesn’t occur at the time periods of the steroids accusations. The facts don’t match and that supports Clemens’ denial.

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