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No comeback for Marshall

Peter Kenney of Cape Cod Today and Stephanie Vosk of the Cape Cod Times cover the election to fill two seats on the Mashpee Wampanoag tribal council. No word of disgraced former chairman Glenn Marshall seeking write-in votes, as Kenney had predicted on Saturday — though he does say that Marshall was seen “cheerfully chatting” with his successor, Shawn Hendricks, and others.

But both Kenney and Vosk report that Brailyn “Bright Star” Frye — the tribe’s “Pow-Wow Princess” — was barred from voting even though she is the daughter of a council member and is so involved in tribal activities that she often appears at events in traditional Mashpee garb. Apparently Frye’s status as a voting-eligible member was questioned, although there is no information about the reason yet. Several other members of her family were barred from voting as well.

Vosk: “Multiple sources witnessed Frye’s mother, Cheryl Frye in a verbal spat with tribal council Chairman Shawn Hendricks outside tribal council headquarters yesterday. This is the tribe’s second election since former tribal council Chairman Glenn Marshall was forced to resign after his rape conviction and military lies were exposed. In both elections, tribe members have raised concerns about people who should be on the tribal rolls not being allowed to vote.”

Kenney: “She [Bright Star Frye] apparently fell victim to the mysterious virus that has taken hold of the tribal rolls. This once unknown ailment attacks the central record system of the tribe, rendering it uncertain whether life-long members will be recognized and allowed to vote. Those who oppose tribal leadership appear more likely to fall victim than those who remain silent.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Glenn Marshall’s presence at the scene did nothing but discredit the entire tribe. Where’s the PR guru, Scott Ferson on this? Doesn’t he get it? And how about the casino investors? Is their charade of respectability over?

  2. Peter Porcupine

    Notice how the writing of the reporter sounds bureaucratic, and that of the blogger fizzes?Excellent example of corporate vs. freelance.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Peter: Although, to be fair, in this particular case the blogger was stepping back from an exclusive that didn’t pan out.

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