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Glenn Marshall, comeback kid?

The Great Gadfly, Peter Kenney, writes that Glenn Marshall — the public face behind the proposed Middleborough casino — may be trying to make a comeback.

Marshall, the former chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribal council, was forced to resign last August after Kenney broke the news that Marshall had a hidden rape conviction in his past and had lied about his military record. Marshall is now under investigation for his management of the tribe’s assets.

Despite all that, Kenney hears that Marshall is trying to gather support as a write-in candidate for one of two open seats on the tribal council. The election will be held tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Matt Viser reports in the Boston Globe that well-organized casino opponents are outflanking Gov. Deval Patrick, taking advantage of the “tepid effort” he has made thus far to advance his three-casino proposal.

Gee, do you think Patrick now realizes his plan is a loser, and he’s hoping it will just fade away?

My standard disclosure.

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  1. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    As my late, prejudiced father used to say, “Mmm, I smell Indians.”

  2. Anonymous

    It would seem that some people don’t have the sense to go away quietly. This sullies any efforts at respectability the tribe might hope to create after ALL of Glenn Marshall’s many lies were revealed.

  3. Anonymous

    The true stories about this tribe are bad enough, but for Kenney and then Kennedy to add to that by making stuff up is just plain wrong. Stick to the facts, they’re salacious enough.

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