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Facts are stupid things*

I just spent an hour putting together a scorching post, only to come across something a few minutes ago that made my rant look foolish. Don’t you hate it when that happens? (Of course, I hate it a lot more when I miss the crucial piece of information and post anyway.)

*With apologies to the late Ronald Reagan.

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  1. Steve

    What you experienced was your inner editor, I guess. How often did this happen when you have a real editor?Judging from what I see on many blogs and even some MSM is the latter – crucial pieces of information are missed all the time. What matters is what happens when you get it wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    Was the post about Casinos? If it was, thank you God for showing Dan his error, so we don’t have to suffer through another tedious Casino Related Posting! NOBODY cares Dan. Seriously.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    No, it was not about casinos. But when it comes to casino posts, I feel like Jerry Williams trying to stop the prison in New Braintree. I know I’m driving some people away, but casinos are a matter of intense importance to a small number of people, especially those who live in Middleborough. I’m not going to back off. And, no, I didn’t think Williams was right about New Braintree, but I admired his willingness to test his audience’s patience over something in which he deeply believed.

  4. Rick in Duxbury

    Ironically, the land in New Braintree was sold by the same people, (Striar family), who own some of the land off Rte. 44 in Middleboro now slated for a casino. Small world, eh?

  5. Anonymous

    I respect that Dan but as a long time reader, maybe you should not saturate a “Media Blog” with a Non Media Story.

  6. Dan Kennedy

    It does say, right at the top, “The press, politics, technology, culture and other passions.” And if you skip the casino posts, that’s fine with me.

  7. Peter Porcupine

    You have hit upon the single greatest unfairness between blogs and MSM – the ability to ‘disappear’ inconvenient posts, instead of having them circulate on dead trees.The current issue of Cape cod Voice is themed ‘Dirty, Nasty, Blogs’ and one of the highlighted individuals makes a habit of reconfiguring and eliminating erroneous posts, and then saying ‘Why WHEN did I say that??’, much to the dismay of his detractors. Local MSM editors have begun to take screen shots of some of his stuff on a CYA basis, but your ‘inner editor’ did serve you well.And – I would enjoy knowing the subject matter of the diatribe. It’s happened to us all – GREAT curring remarks, all dress up with no place to go…

  8. Anonymous

    EB3 here,Do what I do dan, ignore it. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

  9. Dan Kennedy

    PP: Oh, what the hell.I thought Hillary Clinton’s answer to the question about whether she supported Gov. Spitzer’s plan to allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses was somewhat convoluted, but reasonably clear: no, she wouldn’t. And I was planning to rip a number of news organizations for saying that she didn’t answer the question.As I was wrapping up the item, I came across a NYT blog post linked from Slate that showed her answer to the same question from the Nashua Telegraph days earlier had been absolutely tortured. I realized there was a context that I was missing, and that perhaps she did deserve the criticism — or that, even if the media were being unfair, maybe they were only being a little unfair.Of course, now she’s endorsed Spitzer’s plan (I guess), which makes me even more happy that I stayed away from this. You can’t read everything all the time, but this is one I managed to catch.Anyway, for those of you who have any interest in watching the sausage being made, there you go. If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences.

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