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Duty now for the future

My latest for the Guardian analyzes Roy Peter Clark’s recent commentary, in which Clark said journalists have a “duty” to read the print editions of newspapers. The link to Clark’s original column is broken, but you can read it here.

Update: Clark responds. And the link to his column has now been fixed.

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  1. Brian Maloney

    I still enjoy and prefer reading the print editions, especially on Sundays. Maybe I’m the only one. Still waiting for the Herald to drop its Sunday newsstand price, $2.00 is much too high.

  2. Suldog

    Booji Boy!

  3. Rick in Duxbury

    Gotta love a guy in the UK with 3 cars. (And we think OUR gas prices are high).

  4. Peter Porcupine

    Poynter isn’t actually a very good writer (based on that piece). He sounds like a sort of Jon Stewart, trying to be witty and coming off as feckless.I can understand why his pieces may not be read ‘all the way to the end’.Is this considered typical journalism? It reads more like a Mommy blog.

  5. Anonymous

    Newpapers are so primitive they’re modern. I still like reading newsprint. It is still easier to read and browse than my laptop. Newspaper are far from being relegated to the trash bin of history. Anyway, what would I use to line my son’s rabbit cage with? There are many useful jobs for old newspapers before recycling them.Danny L. McDanielLafayette, Indiana

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