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Much better locker-room material

A Media Nation reader passes this along. Apparently this was up on the Indians’ Web site yesterday, then taken down.

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  1. Anonymous

    I actually saw the same “ad” on on Thursday, before the game! Not nice, not nice.

  2. Zach Everson

    Just who do the Indians think they are? The Red Sox in 2003?

  3. Gil MacDougal

    Well, as they like to remark at the Jake: We’ll always have free parking!

  4. blogadoo


  5. Rick in Duxbury

    Does anyone know which “Bldg. 19” will be stocking those?

  6. Tim Allik

    Being from Natick – where we recently decided to eliminate the “Redmen” mascot — I was shocked after a closer inspection of the Cleveland Indians logo, and surprised that there wasn’t more of a stink made about it during the playoffs. The Cleveland Indians logo looks exactly like the equivalent of Lil Black Sambo, except it’s an Indian instead of an African American. The big sh*t-eating grin is too much. The movement against Indian logos has swept the nation’s high schools and colleges. Why are the Cleveland Indians apparently immune to criticism? Am I missing something?

  7. mike_b1

    Uh, Tim, ever heard of the Washington Redskins? Many of your Congressmen have season tickets. Or how about the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame? Nothing says I’m proud to be Irish like a drunk leprechaun flashing his fists.Or the San Diego Padres, perhaps? The first thing the Spanish missionaries did after landing in Southern California was form a baseball team. After they slaughtered any locals who wouldn’t convert to Catholicism, that is.Why single out the Indians?

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