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Locker-room material

From the Cleveland Indians’ Web site.

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  1. Outraged Liberal

    And your problem would be? 🙂

  2. Outraged Liberal

    And, as Paul Harvey would say, here’s the rest of the story — the caption:Show your Tribe Pride by coming out to Jacobs Field when the Indians take on the Red Sox with a chance to clinch a World Series berth! Be there when the Jake becomes the “Largest Sports Bar and Restaurant” in town! Many of the tickets are free.”

  3. Anonymous

    Ok, first – the event is billed as a party to watch the Indians *try* to win, not as a presumptive victory party.Secondly (and this is where the whole media angle comes in), it’s ridiculous to refer to it as the Cleveland Indians web site, considering MLB vanquished indivual official team sites long ago, and it’s all just one big, stupid MLB site now, with individual team pages that are utterly useless for anything other than attempting to buy tickets.Oh, and you’re still dead wrong about the Keller book, too.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    But it’s not good locker-room material if you cut off the caveat, is it?

  5. O-FISH-L

    Dan: Even better locker room material is this whole controversy over Josh Beckett’s ex, Danielle Peck singing the national anthem and God Bless America during Beckett’s game 5. I had dismissed it as nothing major until I caught Jonathan Papelbon’s post game comments on WBZ, among them: “You just don’t do those kinds of things. You wake a sleeping giant.” My guess is that the giant Pap is referring to is the entire team going forward, not just Beckett in game 5.See the whole story on Dan Roche’s blog:

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