Severin versus Rooney

This is pretty amusing. Boston Globe columnist Steve Bailey reports that WTKK Radio (96.9 FM) talk-show host Jay Severin is pouting because he didn’t get an invitation to the recent “Greater Boston” 10th-anniversary party at the new WGBH-TV (Channel 2) headquarters.

The upshot: “Greater Boston” host Emily Rooney has been disinvited from her regular Friday chit-chats with Severin. Hey, ‘TKK listeners’ loss is Rooney’s gain. The foul-mouthed Severin is the most self-referential of talk-show hosts, so I’m guessing he’ll spend most of the afternoon whining about this. We’ll see.

Disclosure: I’m a regular paid panelist on the “Greater Boston” Friday “Beat the Press” edition.

13 thoughts on “Severin versus Rooney

  1. raccoonradio

    What can I say about the guy with the fake Pulitzer. I remember when hisdoomed syndicated show debuted.He tried to portray himself as a swingin’ single on air but many people knew he was married. When a caller asked, “And how is your lovely wife Renee doing?” he respondedwith, “I don’t know what you’retalking about.” The arrogancein his voice was priceless.

  2. kennedysisters

    This man, Mr. Severin, is a pimple on the face of humanity. Eagan and Braude go off and my entire office turns off as well. If someone doesn’t make it on time and we hear his voice, we all have to get up and brush our teeth. He makes everyone feel violated and ill. Ms. Rooney should be thrilled to be uninvited!

  3. Anonymous

    Say what you will, Severin does his shtick in the private sector. He has to worry about the long knives constantly. Callie Crossley, on the other hand, has always been an enigma, on BTP because she’s at Nieman because she’s on BTP. What exactly does she DO again? It would appear that the appropriate world view reaps a bounty at WGBH/PBS.

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 10:07: I’m trying to wrap my mind around how your comment is even remotely responsive to Severin’s not getting an invitation to the “Greater Boston” party, obviously an accidental oversight. (After all, his working relationship was with Rooney personally, not with WGBH or “Greater Boston.”)

  5. Anonymous

    Dan,If you believe Emily didn’t get a whisper in her ear about Severin, (can’t stand the guy, BTW), I have a bridge to sell you, (off Plymouth St. in Middleboro). It was bungled but I doubt it was an “oversight”. Severin makes himself tough to forget.

  6. Anonymous

    Anybody could have seen that this “relationship” was going to last…for about 10 minutes. Both are much too sensitive to tolerate the other. Jaybird shouldn’t have been invited: to the party or back to the Hub.

  7. Anonymous

    When I first heard Emily Rooney on the Severin show I was more than a little surprised. How and why would she stoop so low? As with every female that is a guest on the show, he attempted to interject sexual innuendo and leering dialogue to create an atmosphere of control. Any member of the actual “best and brightest” would realize his show is just that-a “showy” crude form of entertainment that has little to do with information or intelligent dialogue. The fact that he was overlooked by Rooney was truly “shweet”!

  8. Anonymous

    Em should have told him to take a jump into the Charles instead, but we wouldn’t want to cause an oil slick.

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