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“Little People” is now online

Today I have an exciting announcement to make (exciting to me, anyway). The full text of “Little People,” my 2003 book on the culture of dwarfism, is now online. You will find it here.

Why did I do this? About a year ago, my publisher, Rodale, took “Little People” off the market and sold its inventory to remainder houses. Despite a flurry of favorable reviews and national attention, sales had never really taken off. Given that the book is now officially out of print, the rights have reverted to me, and I decided to make it available for anyone who’s interested.

You’ll find everything online that’s in the hardcover edition — even a Flickr slide show of photos from the book. (I did have to make some substitutions to deal with copyright issues. But the result, I think, is a better selection.) I’ve changed the subtitle; it’s now “A Father Reflects on His Daughter’s Dwarfism — and What It Means to Be Different,” which is a mouthful, but which more accurately describes the contents. There’s also a new, online-only introduction.

Finally, I’ve issued “Little People” under a Creative Commons license, which allows anyone to make copies or even adaptations, as long as it’s for non-commercial use and (ahem) I get the credit.

I actually posted “Little People” over the summer, but, like Andy Card, I believe you shouldn’t introduce new products in August, whether it’s a war or an e-book. Now feels like the right time.

My hope is that some enterprising publisher will take new interest in “Little People” and contact me about bringing out a paperback edition. (E-mail me!) I also hope this helps me sell a few hardcover copies out of my basement. (New condition! Signed by the author!)

Even if that doesn’t happen, though, this means that “Little People” is still in circulation. And, ultimately, that’s what every author wants.

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  1. Tony


  2. Peter Porcupine

    Dan – if you set up a PayPal button for payment, you may get a few takers. I’ve always been intrigued by the mention of your book on your bio.Also – If you want to sell copies – consider listing them on a service like Alibris, which is used by booksellers to obtain special reference books.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Peter: I should absolutely set up a PayPal account for selling the hardcover, and maybe I will. I’m really not trying to move a lot of product, though; I’m also not sure how long I’ll be able to keep getting copies. Good idea, though. As for the online version, I have no interest in making any money on it. It’s mainly for availability, and partly for promotion. Thanks.Tony: Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    good luck dan. your daughter is adorable!!a friend

  5. Anonymous

    I bought it as a hardcover (breaking my ‘saving money by living a year behind’ rule on books and films) and it was money well spent. You’re in good company in being out of print, Dan. I recently found that Paul Brickhill’s “The Great Escape,” one of my favorite books as a youth, was out of print when I tried to buy it for my kids. Ditto Gerold Frank’s wonderful “The Boston Strangler,” which to em stands alongside “In Coild Blood” in the now-lucrative “true crime” category.Dan, did you ever pitch a publisher on either the WR Grace or the Fells Acres cases?Bob in Peabody

  6. Jack Coleman

    Thank you for making your book available, Dan. Great photo of you and your daughter!

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