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Howie’s generic rant

Just a guess, but I’m betting Howie “What Is the Frequency?” Carr wrote this Boston Herald column long before Star Simpson walked into Logan Airport yesterday. After Simpson got arrested for wearing a blinking jacket, all Carr had to do was call up his generic rant about “wacky college kids” and update it with a few details.

OK, I’m kidding. But he could have save himself, oh, four or five minutes yesterday if he’d had this one parked on his laptop.

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  1. Anonymous

    Howie scares all the fake jouranlists out there, you know, the ones that have agendas, guys like Dan Rather! I love to my boy making some big cash – 7 million a year – for what Dan says is trash radio! Keep it comin Howie, luv ya man!

  2. Caroline

    Hey, someone’s gotta take the train to Frequency-ville while Rather’s tied up in that lawsuit!

  3. Anonymous

    Not much, would get me to read “The Herald” these days.Certainly not HC. But an as told to story by StarofMIT might do it. The tab’ should get to work on it. I reckon this women might have some interesting things to give up.

  4. Anonymous

    anon at 11:03:your throw away but inaccurate summation of howie’s pay is just the reason that howie and his syncophants are one of the biggest dangers to reasoned discourse. howie’s slated to make $7 mil total, and that’s only if he hits his incentives. not that it’s a bad chunk of change but it ain’t per annum and it’s little misstatements like that that become accepted fact among the legions that is scary. it’s a symptom.

  5. John Galt

    Do folks actually listen to babble on the radio? Anyone’s bubble of gas? Even all the sports shows? Is life so boring to our populace?

  6. Peter Porcupine

    Mr. Galt – while you may think it would be far superior to have public issues decided by a Lyceum at the Widener, the unwashed populace for some odd reason listens to the radio. Perhaps you wold like to revisit giving the ‘property challanged’ the vote.

  7. John Galt

    pp – You degrade those so inclined to listen, not I.

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