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Gambling while blindfolded

What was Gov. Deval Patrick doing during all those months when he was trying to make up his mind about casino gambling?

Well, here’s one thing he wasn’t doing: He wasn’t consulting with outside experts, even though his own internal task force had urged him to do just that. Here’s a key paragraph from Ken Maguire’s Associated Press report:

The memo [from the task force] with the disclaimer about estimates states: “Realistic employment and revenue projections would be particularly important if the commonwealth wished to enter into any agreement with a federally recognized Native American tribe or a private developer to expand gaming in the state. To do otherwise would be to risk entering negotiations over license fees, tax rates, etc. on an uneven information playing field.”

(Note: You won’t see Maguire’s byline, but I found it elsewhere.)

Maguire also quotes Patrick spokeswoman Cyndi Roy as saying that Patrick’s economic team conducted its own review, and that no outside experts were consulted.

Pretty amazing, no?

Update: Then again, as Jay Fitzgerald reports in today’s Boston Herald, who needs to talk with experts when you can schmooze with Donald Trump’s peeps?

My standard disclosure.

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  1. Harry

    This is an example of what has been called “the arrogance of power”. Clearly this is a behavior that cuts across party lines.And why isn’t this news reported by the Boston Globe, one wonders?

  2. Harry

    Sorry, let me rephrase that question: The Globe is reporting the news, but via AP sources rather than via its own reporters. Go figure.

  3. Anonymous

    Amazing. Incompetent. Irresponsible. Like he knew in advance what he wanted the answer to be.

  4. man who held his nose but voted for patrick anyways

    Methinks this is what we get when we elect a CEO as a politician, and then wonder why he acts like a CEO, and not a politician! CEO’s rarely feel the need to justify their actions, nor to consult anyone beyond those inner few that they trust. OTOH, these are actions that an electorate expects…and perhaps should demand…of their elected officials.Amazingly, when Patrick claimed he was an “outsider”, he really was! And, surprise, surprise, an outsider doesn’t know how the game is played. This doesn’t excuse it, but it shouldn’t surprise us.Oy, why didn’t Jill Stein run for governor THIS time?!?

  5. Anonymous

    Dan, You should change the title of your blog to Casino Nation

  6. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t that be Anti-Casino Nation? Anyway, leave Dan alone. It’s his blog and he can write about whatever he wants.And as is always the case, there are plenty of media angles to look at here. For instance . . . . is it me, or does the race track article on the front page of the Sports section in today’s Globe look like yet ANOTHER chearleading piece for expanded gambling in Massachusetts?

  7. Anonymous

    To be clear, this is the article I’m referring to:Treasure IsleWhen slots and horse racing met in Pennsylvania, it was a jackpotBy Stan Grossfeld, Globe Staff | September 19, 2007 Globe has been barraging us with pro-gambling items. One article about dissent among Patrick’s supporters hardly balances the sunny, happy articles about the upsides of expanded gambling that have appeared in just about every section of the paper since Monday’s announcement. Contrast that with the more critical view coming from the Herald, of all places.Is this simply because, as someone here suggested, the Globe stands to make so much in ad revenue if this deal goes through?

  8. Anonymous

    [Same Anon. as 12:20 and 12:43] . . . and lo and behold, a day later (Sept. 20), the Globe has nothing more to say on the issue. It’s all been said – gambling is fun and wonderful and will make us all happy and secure. There are pitfalls, but don’t worry.No need to put a reporter on the story Jay Fitzgerald did yesterday in the Herald. Don’t worry about it – experts are experts.

  9. Peter Porcupine

    BTW, Disclaimer Man – when IS this event? Many may wish to hear the speech.

  10. Dan Kennedy

    Peter: We’re still talking about dates. Don’t worry, I’ll put up a post as soon as we come up with something. So, are you going to introduce yourself?

  11. Peter Porcupine

    I DO resemble my portrait; have you gotten quinine yet for that jaundice?

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