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The latest on Paul Sullivan

Earlier today local media folks received the following statement from Peter Casey, news director at WBZ Radio (AM 1030):

Statement on behalf of the family of Paul Sullivan:

We all want you to know how much Paul has appreciated the cards and calls during the last few months since giving his evening talk show on WBZ Radio. They have been very comforting during these summer months. We also want to express how grateful we are to the terrific medical team at Massachusetts General Hospital for their amazing care and treatment of Paul during the past 33 months.

At this point we have decided to end medical treatments for Paul’s cancer and focus on his comfort and quality of life. He will be in the hospital for the foreseeable future receiving hospice care. We feel he will be most comfortable here at Saint’s Memorial Medical Center in Lowell, the city where he spent so much of his life. Paul is surrounded by his family and friends and would like everyone to know how important all the thoughts and prayers have been to him.

Very sad news. Sully stepped down in June, but at the time he and the station held out some hope that his health would improve to the point where he could do some radio commentary. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

Best wishes to Paul and his family at this difficult time.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sad news indeed. Thanks for the update Dan.Kevin

  2. Anonymous

    I cant tell you how sad this is for me and for many others who loved to listen to Paul. I am a bit of a shut in and really depend upon talk radio for news and for mental stimulation. I was absolutely devastated to lose Brudnoy and I am devastated twice over to lose Paul. Of course, I would happily never hear his voice again if he could have his health back, but he is greatly missed. Boy, radio is in turmoil. Howie, D+C, Paul…. I dont know what the hell to listen to anymore. Only Steve Leveille, I guess.

  3. Bill Toscano

    Aw, Dan.That’s awful news.Two of the really good ones gone.Wow.

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