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Alberto Gonzales, angel of death

My latest for The Guardian is up. It’s on the new death-penalty powers that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is about to receive, and why his record in Texas shows that he’s particularly unsuited to wield such powers.

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  1. Rick

    Kenneth Foster was on his way to Church and the bad man next to him in the car jumped out and killed someone? Or they were in the midst of a crime spree robbing people? There are always 2 sides to the story but your article only presents one. As for the little known provision in the Patriot Act,What does it say exactly? I hope you are not relying on the LA Times for your research. I’m not saying it’s not in the Patriot Act I’m just uneasy relying on the LA Times with the interpretation of what it says.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    And the Washington Post. And the New York Times. Sorry, no, I have not gone back and read the Patriot Act. This is commentary, not investigative reporting. But I did not rely exclusively on the Los Angeles Times.As for whether Foster deserves to be punished as severely as the shooter, I will point out — as did the Fort Worth Star-Telegram — that two other people in the car were not even prosecuted.

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