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Genocide? Yes.

Not to turn Media Nation into the Jeff Jacoby report, but his analysis of the controversy over the Armenian genocide and the Anti-Defamation League in today’s Globe is exceptionally well-researched and -reasoned. Read it.

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  1. Stella

    No doubt boosted from an interne’s screen.

  2. Sean Roche

    Yeah, but he kind of punts it in the end when he ties Armenian genocide to jihad, specifically 9/11.Writes Jacoby:Genocide denial must be intolerable to everyone, but above all to those for whom “never again” is such a sacred principle. And at a time when jihadist violence from Darfur to Ground Zero has spilled so much innocent blood, dissimulation about the jihad of 1915 can only aid our enemies.Jihad and genocide are not the same. 9/11 was not a genocide. Darfur is a jihad-driven genocide. The Armenian and Jewish genocides were not jihads.It’s important to recognize and identify genocide, but one dilutes the word of all meaning if it gets equated with any civilian killing. (Is Jacoby ready to call Hiroshima a genocide?)

  3. Anonymous

    Let me get this straight: Sean Roche is correcting Jeff Jacoby on what constitutes genocide? Good grief.

  4. Amusedbutinformedobserver

    Most troubling in all this: calling the Armenian extermination “tantamount to” genocide.Weasel words, weasel words, weasel words.

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