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Happy Fourth of July

The grand finale to last year’s Danvers fireworks, courtesy of set4fina:
This year, Danvers had its problems — although we stayed till the bitter end. The Salem News explains.

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  1. Parsimonious

    you have to be a subscriber to the News to read the whole story online, as to why it happened (electrical problem, BTW)Most of their other online content is behind that wall.Why is ECN so backwards this way ?

  2. Anonymous

    I’ll take your word for it, Dan. The budget won’t stretch that far this week. Leslie

  3. Boston Venerable Bede

    I was there and saw the event and even saw you from a distance. Danvers has a great family oriented Fourth of July.As for Boston, I am disappointed in the CBS-ification of the Boston Pops Fourth. I was home after the Salem, MA fireworks and saw short music acts followed by commercials. The Boston Pops used to perform for one week on the Esplanade and decided a couple of years ago that it was too expensive. None of the media outlets did anything but write an one paragraph story at the time. For such a grand event with a grand tradition, it has become about the money and TV rights.Maybe Danvers and Salem are more in line with the Arthur Fielder family-oriented tradition than Boston.

  4. Neil

    I was at the Danversport Yacht Club, in my yacht. Well the first part is true anyway. We waited and waited after the initial burst, I’m sure at least 40 minutes, then finally left. Too bad.

  5. Anonymous

    Why is ECN so backward (about charging for Web content)? Hey, that’s nothing compared to the depleted newsroom, which apparently is under a hiring freeze and the shrinking news hole. And is it true their publisher is a stage ventriloquist?

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