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Media Nation on the road

I’ll be traveling to Portland, Maine, later today to attend this FCC hearing on localism. Watch for a special Media Nation report sometime tomorrow.


“Open Source,” closed doors


Delivering the goods on Romney


  1. Anonymous

    should be interesting … if you have time eat at the fore street restaurant while there

  2. Anonymous

    When I listen to Real Country 103.3 (north of Portland) the only good show is the Sunday Morning Swap Shop, where people call in from 9 – 12 and offer birdhouses in exchange for broken lawnmowers, and whatnot. After that, it goes to canned NASCAR and national country (in Maine – north of Portland – they have BOTH kinds of music, country AND western).More local would be great. Just don’t expect that it will necessarily translate into more liberal – north of Portland, that is.

  3. MeTheSheeple

    Make sure you visit the Free Street Parking Lot, just $1 for the first hour.

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