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Multiple choice on evolution

When it comes to evolution, Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback‘s not going to say one thing to one audience and a different thing to another audience. No, sir. He’s going to say many different things to the same audience, as he does today in his New York Times op-ed. Brownback doesn’t believe in evolution. Except that he does. Sort of. I guess.

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  1. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    Sam who? Who cares?

  2. metallicaMobes

    Brownback is a joke. His entire platform is Jesus and neoconservatism. Why won’t the GOP get a clue…

  3. Anonymous

    Why won’t the GOP get a clue…Maybe the GOP keeps him around for comedic effect. Or maybe it keeps him around because he makes the rest of them seem rational in comparison.–raj

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