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Say what, George?

Al Sharpton, debating former Imus producer Bernard McGuirk on Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes” on May 11:

Forgiveness has nothing to do with penalty. If you abuse a job, you can forgive somebody and say you lose the job. Moses was forgiven. He didn’t get to the Promised Land. There is penalty…. I think that there must not be amnesty. There must be — people pay for their deeds. And I think it was appropriate that y’all paid.

Boston-based PR magnate George Regan, in the Boston Herald today, talking about WRKO Radio’s decision to audition McGuirk for a possible stint as Tom Finneran’s sidekick:

If Al Sharpton has no problems with this man, neither do we.

Well, George, Sharpton does have a problem with McGuirk. Does that change your thinking?

Curious George: The deceptive headline of the day appears in today’s Globe. “WRKO clarifies McGuirk bid” may be the head, but the story consists of a Regan obfuscation job worthy of Scott McClellan. To wit: “Regan said yesterday that the three-day spot was not an audition, but said he could not rule out the possibility that McGuirk would be offered a job.”

So it’s not an audition, but if McGuirk does well, he might be offered a job. Right.

Even curiouser: Brian Maloney on Regan’s triple play.

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  1. Greg

    Even if Al didn’t have problems with the guy, I don’t think Sharpton should be the standard for deciding who is qualified or not to be on the radio.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Greg: So tell it to Regan. He’s the one who put Sharpton out there as the standard, yet he doesn’t seem to know what Sharpton has actually said.

  3. Brian Maloney

    Yes, Boston is a small town, but must Regan wear so many conflicting hats? He represents the Herald, WRKO and at least one of WRKO’s advertisers. In today’s Herald story about nervous WRKO sponsors, Regan’s got a dog in every side of the fight.

  4. A.J. Cordi

    On that episode of H&C, I thought it was great how Sharpton basically said an apology isn’t enough, but then proceeded to say how it’s okay that he’s apologized for his racist remarks in the past.It’s no secret that I hate Bernard McGuirk, but I hate Sharpton just as much. My personal opinion level of McGuirk went from a -9 to a -3 after watching that show.

  5. Tony

    Agreed, Al Sharpton shouldn’t be the standard. But the bigger issue is, What the heck are they thinking about over at WRKO? I mean, it just keeps getting worse with no apparent end in sight. Jerry Williams is spinning in his grave. Lord help us!

  6. Anonymous

    We have short memories in this town. When George worked in the Kevin White administration, he was ordered to appear before a grand jury in an extortion investigation that saw some people do time. (U.S. Atty. Weld never laid a glove on White, however). At any rate, the night before his court date, Regan “slipped on a wet marble floor” in City Hall and hit his head, avoiding the grand jury session with temporary memory loss. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Only in Boston.

  7. Anonymous

    You would’ve thought Kahn and Wolfe learned from their mistakes, when they dropped the ball after the METCO incident. Someone needs to teach theme remedial programming and public relations.

  8. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    Wasn’t there a McGuirk who was the bad guy in old western movies?

  9. Anonymous

    Hmm. Tom Finneran’s employer. Buddy Cianci’s employer. Regan may have found a niche. Can he hook up MGH and Jack Kevorkian? The Patriots and O.J. Simpson? Inquiring minds want to know!

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