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Jerry Falwell

Just because Jerry Falwell is dead doesn’t mean I’m obligated to weigh in, does it? I hope not — I’m not sure I can muster the energy, except to say that the only good thing about him I can think of is that he, like Pat Robertson, had lost much of his influence over the years. (Not that James Dobson and Tony Perkins are an improvement.)

Timothy Noah has a great roundup on Slate of the worst things Falwell ever said. Jon Keller shares some thoughts about what it was like to be David Brudnoy’s producer at the peak of Falwell’s influence.

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  1. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    Enough not said.

  2. DJS

    I wondered this afternoon if the suddenly dark skies were a sign that the Almighty had just dispatched Falwell to an eternity in hell.No matter how prominent Falwell was in the 70’s (when I was a child), he and his ilk have inspired an intense secularism and disdain of Christianist politics among people my age and younger.His final legacy will be the abandonment of his ideas by the ascendent generation(s) he and his followers have failed to enlist.Godspeed.

  3. Tony

    OT: I don’t know if you saw this Dan or not, but BostonNOW is hiring. Note the key word: Meticulous: Company: BostonNOWPosition: Seeking Meticulous Copy EditorLocation: Boston, MassachusettsJob Status: Full-timeSalary: NegotiableAd Expires: June 20, 2007Job ID: 777636Website: http://www.bostonnow.comDescription:BostonNOW seeks copyeditor with at least three years experience in a daily newsroom.Candidate must possess a keen eye for reading the news with an eye for reporting and writing issues, fluency with AP Style, flexibility with varying newsroom conditions and the environment that comes with demanding daily deadlines.Preferred candidate can start immediately, is local to Boston, possesses background/ interaction with Boston news and is available for a Sunday through Thursday schedule.COMPENSATION: Competitive and tied to experience, full benefits for a full time candidate

  4. Don (no longer) Fluffy

    My local newspaper (now reduced to the size of a pamphlet) could use one of those.

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