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McGrory named metro editor

The Herald’s Jesse Noyes has the news, and Universal Hub’s Adam Gaffin has the link. All I’ve got are the leftovers, but what the heck.

Globe metro columnist Brian McGrory has been named the paper’s new metro editor, replacing Carolyn Ryan, who recently left for a job at the New York Times. According to editor Marty Baron’s memo to the staff, McGrory will be replaced. So much for my theory that, with Pulitzer-winner Eileen McNamara already gone, Baron would find a new home for remaining metro columnist Adrian Walker and let the position wither away.

Gee, this won’t short-circuit McGrory’s sideline as a restaurant critic, will it? Check out his review today of Mamma Maria. The first reference to the food comes in, yes, the 10th graf.

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  1. adamg

    Those bastards, replacing the European with a CVS! And you mean to tell me there’s a franchised flower shop right on Hanover now? My God, how low can they get?Actually, it sort of reminded me of a Shaughnessy column, full of irrelevant facts that everybody else stopped caring about in the last century (how long as the European been closed now?). But yeah, a pity his career as a reviewer seems over.

  2. Anonymous

    To say nothing of McGrory’s reputation as a pugnacious bully. I’m sure the staff is delighted to have a mercurial egoist as the new boss.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Adam: Well, I’ve eaten at the European. But, then, I’m 92 years old.

  4. Anonymous

    Dan,How does this matter? McGrory was a middling columnist, and you never really got the feeling he knew Boston. His political experience might help with Beacon Hill coverage. The good news, I guess, is that the Globe didn’t go out of town for the Metro editor, though that would not have suprised me.

  5. Anonymous

    The European was a dump. Phony nostalgia about the North End – how typical of a hack like McGrory. Ahh, yes, the good old days, when the local mafiosi would have fire-bombed the chain flower shop and murdered the the CVS manager in cold blood in that little side park there off Hanover Street, just down a ways from the European.

  6. Anonymous

    EB3 here,I chewed and screwed once from the European. (I was with others and it wasn’t my idea – but i enjoyd it )

  7. Anonymous

    1) truth following fiction: in one of mcgrory’s novels (i don’t remember which) the hero, a boston paper metro columnist cum superguy named jack lynch, saves the paper from a murdoch-like takover artist, who incidentally is a master criminal, and is offered his [murdered] boss’ job.2) dan could you install longer and more complicated post authenicators? this one took almost five minutes to type correctly, and that’s much too easy. and it only asks for one more after the “preview comment” entry. jeez, can’t have those comment thieves sticking bad words and unfounded opinions in here.

  8. mike_b1

    Coming soon to the Boston Globe: All McGrory, all the time.Does Baron realize the McGrory with talent was a woman? And is dead?

  9. Lee

    the globe would have room in the editorial department if they dumped the no load sports writers, especially ones that plagiarize.Speaking of plagiarism, Borges is back today with a front page story.Why is this man still at the BG?

  10. Rick in Duxbury

    In a just world, Bev Beckham would get McGrory’s slot. Despite a former connection to Wingo Square and a lack of Globian pretension, she’s the real deal, with an institutional memory to boot. Too much to hope for, I guess.

  11. Anonymous

    note to “rick” “in” “duxbury” — Carolyn Ryan worked at the Herald, as did many current globe city editors and city reporters. clearly the globe knows something about the value of herald newspeople that you do not. but hey, blind ignorance was never a barrier to blogging.

  12. Anonymous

    hey 4:39, was there a point there? So you’re saying they shouldn’t have hired Beckham? Matter of taste. “Clearly” your last statement is accurate.

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