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Pelosi’s helpful visit

Did you catch this, from the New York Times coverage of Condoleezza Rice’s meeting with Syria’s foreign minister?

… Ms. Rice took the time to telephone [Nancy] Pelosi before heading to Egypt this week, though Bush administration officials did not say whether Ms. Rice told Ms. Pelosi beforehand that she planned to follow her footsteps.

“She wanted to hear from Speaker Pelosi about her discussions with the Syrian president,” a senior State Department official said, adding that that the call centered on gathering information about Ms. Pelosi’s trip, not further condemnation for making it. Ms. Rice, he said, “didn’t want to poke her finger in her eye or anything.”

No, indeed. And in a rational world, Dick Cheney would now apologize for trashing Pelosi, whose visit may turn out to be very useful to the White House. Then again, we don’t live in a rational world, do we?

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  1. Don

    The President of the United States didn’t want her to go. Enough said!

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Don: First of all, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Second, so what? She is the speaker of the House.

  3. mike_b1

    Don, so now we have to do everything Cheney says>

  4. Don

    Mike: No, just the President. And God, of course.

  5. Anonymous

    Don, of course, writes from Iran …

  6. Don

    Anon: Is that you Mahmoud, my neighbor?

  7. Peter Porcupine

    I highly recommend the new Atlantic Monthly cover story on Rice, once you guys are done joshing. It talks about how she has been a success in the Middle East as a black woman (if a Democrat had appointed a black woman to the Cabinet, would we EVER at a day off from hearing about her?) and her rationale for her stances. It was insightful and informative, without being boot (or stiletto) licking.

  8. Dan Kennedy

    PP: And let’s not forget that Rice is also astute enough to get a briefing from a top Democratic official before sitting down the Syrian foreign minister. The same top Democratic official who other members of her party refer to as a near-traitor.

  9. Speedy Closets

    This demonstrates that there is still hope for Ms. Rice in spite of her current association. She had the good sense to see past partisan politics in the process of doing her job. s. closets

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