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Media Nation on the air

I’ll be a guest on New England Cable News’ “NewsNight with Jim Braude” today at 7 p.m. to talk about Rupert Murdoch’s bid to buy Dow Jones and Don Imus’ lawsuit threat against CBS Radio.

Update: The video is now online in two parts, here and here.


The Fox Street Journal


The slow wheels of justice

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  1. Man who thinks the Navy sucks, anyway

    This might be a first?A webcomic cartoonist has a day job as a contractor for the US Navy. He mentions how he’s getting a .22 rifle for paper target shooting at work, and unintentionally freaks his co-workers out because it’s right around the same time as the Virginia Tech shootings.As a result he gets fired. That’s assballs to begin with, but it gets better.He gets visited by the cops because he draws about the experience on his webcomic: Three Panel Soul. Fellow Webcomic author (and recently syndicated as a “real” comic) R.Stevens summed it up best:To top it all off, he was later visited by police detectives for making a comic about his experience, because it was a “borderline terroristic threat.” (Is “terroristic” even a word? Did they get that from the Colbert Report?)To which I’ll add: What the hell is WRONG with this country?!?!? PLEASE tell me there’s a lawyer out there who can smack around some overzealous employers and cops!?!?

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