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With the radio on

If you get a chance, check out Gregg Jackson and some guy named Paul, who are filling in for Todd Feinburg this morning on WRKO Radio (AM 680). They’ll only be on until noon — I caught their act while driving around Salem looking for a place to park.

I won’t attempt to describe what I heard except to say that I thought my radio might be pulling in a shortwave signal by mistake.

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  1. O-FISH-L

    I only heard it for a few minutes this morning while jumping around from WBZ to WEEI to WRKO. I didn’t think WRKO was half-bad, especially considering it’s a holiday and Todd Feinburg is out. Nothing beats the marathon coverage for hilarity though. In the Herald yesterday, Howie Carr nailed the overall farce that is now the Marathon but perhaps most amusing in this post-Imus world, is hearing the presenters attempt to find just the right politically correct term for the wheelchair participants. “Para-athletes” was perhaps the best one this year. I believe I heard earlier that the admirable father-son duo Rick and Dick Hoyt took this year-off. While I wish the Hoyt’s the best, I won’t miss the faux-in-awe reporters “choking back tears” at the site of them.Also amusing were the male and female color commentators who were ostensibly helping Lobel on ch. 4, but barely allowed him to get a word in. The Marathon jumped the shark about 15 years ago, how long before the only remaining station covering it, drops out?UPDATE: The men’s camera-motorcycle just suffered a minor wipe-out, providing the most riveting footage of the whole day.

  2. Anonymous

    Off topic, Dan, but what happened to Boston NOW’s big debut? Was supposed to go live on line today. This morning a note said it wouldn’t be up until noon. Still nothing at 4 p.m. Technical meltdown?

  3. Anonymous

    o-fish-l,A pathetic post, even for you. You truly are a sad, angry man.

  4. Rick in Duxbury

    Heard it too. Yikes! I now have even more respect for Michael Graham.

  5. O-FISH-L

    anon 4:03. Angry and sad? Not quite. Actually I’m on the verge of hysterical at what this event has become and the amateurs now covering it. Don’t mistake my criticism of the ultra-PC media for criticism of the wheelchair participants themselves. As Howie Carr so eleoquently wrote yesterday, “After all these years of corporate greeheads and narcissistic runners ruining a workday for us, finally nature ruins one for them.”Howie also nailed it by prediciting that …”boozed up tourists can get a better view of some runner they’ve never heard of, whose name they can’t pronounce, winning a race that has become nothing more than a giant publicity stunt for and by companies that aren’t even based here anymore.” Robert Cheruiyot, Lidiya Grigoryeva, Masazumi Soejima or Wakako Tsuchida, anyone?

  6. lisa

    Dan, I must ask: Is the title of this post a sly Modern Lovers reference?

  7. Dan Kennedy

    Lisa: Roadrunner once. Roadrunner twice. I’m in love with rock and roll.

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