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Bailey to Media Nation: Call me!

Boston Globe columnist Steve Bailey e-mails Media Nation:

dan, i have always loved you stuff. but how can a media critic of your standing not call me first! for the record: i am staying. please correct.

best, bailey

Media Nation responds: Steve, thanks for the kind words. And I’m glad you’re staying.

I’ll save my shtick on what bloggers do and don’t do for another time. But I will say that pointing to interesting stuff on the Web is the essence of blogging.

Sometimes you point to something that turns out to be wrong. So consider this a correction.

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  1. Paul Levy

    How do I write this without appearing to try to curry favor with him — not that it is possible anyway! — but that is VERY good news about Steve Bailey. He brings tremendous insights to the readers and has to have the most extensive Rolodex of sources in the city. But don’t be taken in by that beatific smile! :)If anyone in a position of influence tells you, “I didn’t read Bailey’s column today,” you know s/he is lying . . .(Note to younger readers: Call me for a definition of a Rolodex.)

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