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Media Nation on wheels

Sorry for the light posting. I have been busy upgrading the official vehicle of Media Nation from a 1993 Volvo 960 to a 2007 Toyota Corolla LE. The Volvo went to its reward in engine-smoking glory on the back roads of Middleborough recently despite having just 163,000 miles on it. Media Nation Jr. has his permit, so the Corolla has been equipped with every safety feature known to humankind.

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  1. Adam

    Don’t worry Dan, some day, those back roads could be home to a glorious new casino! As one former Middleboro resident to another, I hope you are as thrilled as me (please add sarcasm to that statement).

  2. mike_b1

    “Media Nation Jr. has his permit, so the Corolla has been equipped with every safety feature known to humankind.”Including an experienced driver? hehehe

  3. Brian Maloney

    That’s very low mileage to lose a Volvo. What happened?Didn’t the 960s around that time experience a lot of troubles?

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Apparently the 960 was not one of Volvo’s better efforts. Our 240 wagon, also from 1993, is still going strong.

  5. Anonymous

    EB3 HereHow’s the back seat of the corolla? roomie?Media Nation Jr gonna need some room to groove.What?

  6. Anonymous

    Nice pick, Dan. A very nice, economical car. Great-looking steering wheel, too. May you have many hundreds of thousands of miles of driving enjoyment.

  7. Paul Levy

    Greatly disappointed you didn’t get a hybrid. And here I thought you were part of the 60’s generation. With your cavalier attitude towards the environment and energy policy, you could never be elected to selectman or alderman in certain western suburbs (i.e, those within 6 miles of Beacon Hill). Wait, there is still hope: Please fill out our questionnaire on your views concerning Darfur, choice, and NAFTA.:)BTW, have you found out yet what your insurance bill is going to be with the new young driver? Best find some new ways generate more income!

  8. Dan Kennedy

    Paul: Believe me, I was definitely eyeing those Priuses. Very expensive, though, and I’ve heard they can be delicate beasties.

  9. The Arranger

    The best thing about being a journalist or an educator is that you never have to worry about your prospective political chances in western suburbs close to Boston.Bob in Peabody

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