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A very Brady Presidents Day

The Phoenix’s Adam Reilly says readers are alternating between expressing their outrage over the Globe’s playing the Tom Brady love-child story above the fold and e-mailing it to all their friends.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dan, if you don’t absolutely tear the Globe a knew one over this, you have no cred. Please note, we are at war.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t get it.Isn’t Tom Brady an important and very newsworthy person for the area?If he is the talk of the nation, why can’t the Globe make him the talk of the town, in a responsible way. Are they gossiping or reporting something that didn’t happen or wasn’t confirmed by Brady and Bridget themselves?What’s the Globe’s sin here?Not too many times does a town have a dashing THREE-TIME SUPERBOWL winner. Other towns would worship him day and night if they had him, just ask the classless weird Indy fans.When the Pats lose or win a big game, they are on the front page “above the fold.” What gives then? I bet you can find at any given Monday morning a very important story that could elbow the Pats or Sox from the top of the Front page. What’s different now?Brady is important.As much as I appreciate the Herald, they’re the ones to be irked at the “leave-that-garbage-to-the-Herald” comments.This is much-a-do about nothing.The real issue is the PR damage to the image of one of the most marketable, cleanest, most attractive “role models” in the US, having a baby out of wedlock.It is his/their business and hopefully he doesn’t become a football for the media. He’s been pretty private and discreet so far, I am sure he will deal with this correctly. Why “the Globe should not touch this” is beyond me. This is the story that sells copies. Nothing improper here.Report away.N.

  3. Jack Coleman

    LOL headline, Dan!

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Anon 8:17: It was certainly the first story I read yesterday. Look, it was a one-day story, at least in terms of that kind of treatment. (Today it’s on the bottom of the City & Region front.) The layout signaled that it was a feature. (The lead story was “Police to launch recruiting campaign.”) Everybody’s talking about it. And the Globe had plenty of war coverage yesterday, including a front-pager headlined “Democrats to visit war reauthorization.” Lighten up, says I.

  5. O-FISH-L

    So, Pat Purcell cuts the Herald to the bone but leaves the Inside Track largely intact. Then on Sunday, the NY Post breaks the story on the Brady baby while Herald readers “learned” about a Dorchester state representative’s baby. Huh? If this is the best the Track girl’s can do, Purcell should give them the ax and pick up the NY Post gossip feed and let a student intern or two handle the self-obsessed lifestyles of the 30 or 40 local car dealers, restrateurs, C-list actors and pols who recirculate in the Track. Not to mention, the useless “Naked City” pieces which tell us everything except what we want to know–the name of the person(s) involved. I realize the Judge Murphy vs. Wedge suit proved costly, but if the “Naked City” stories are true, why not used the names?

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve noted in the past that the Inside track is a regurgitation of PageSix , a day later – or late.So Boston can’t even compete in ‘dirt’ it seems…They are good at keeping track of Welch’s most recent lunch, though.Or maybe, they felt they didn’t want to be the first ones out of the gate with the story. They got a lot of heat for being bold with Bellichick’s private dicorce mini saga. Maybe this time, they thought they need the Pats’ good graces too much to go public with this one as well.Such calculations are not so uncommon in the ‘dirt’ world, it seems.The much “revered” Post seems to be holding off on bashing Bartiromo as News Corp is prepping FoxBiz, Mudoch was quoted saying “We need to recruit some money honeys” and Ailes joked that they’ll put in a dedicated entrance for CNBC applicants.That certainly explains why NBC, CNBC and GE brass were very careful not to PO Maria into the arms of uncle Roger.N.

  7. Anonymous

    John Carroll over at WGBH and Greater Boston – Beat the Press has noted several times, the push and pull in the media between what is important and what is interesting or sensational. With the Brady – Baby story on front page above the fold, the Golbe made the error of letting the sensational trump the important. OK for a tabloid to follow this path, it is their stock and trade but a newspaper that takes itself seriously – and in particular, linked to the NY Times should have known better. The story was at best, an inside section – Lifestyle feature. Having said this, we also note the Globe is increasingly using massive fotos to fill space that once was occupied by colume inches generated by local – home grown reporters. It is a sad day when a once respect paper shows such poor judgement and begins – operations on the cheap – .

  8. Anonymous

    TOm Brady holds an important position here. QB of the World Champ PAtriots. He is incredibly handsome….and still single. Many of the women go ga-ga over him.To say that “no one cares” is absolute denial!While it has little to do with my life (and yours)…it is full of intrigue.WHat effect will this have on young boys who look up to role models?The fact that it’s his EX…who is pregnant.What will this do to hissqueaky clean, boy-next-door persona?Etc.

  9. Anonymous

    Ref all of the above … OK, there is a certain local interest in Brady – Baby driven forward by the Herald and talk radio. If the ohh soo hip New Globe feels coverage is worthy of print space … fine. I feel the key issue is whether the story deserved front page treatment?

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