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Ooh. Ah.

Unfortunately, this is only available through Cingular and costs $500.

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No respect for Big Red


  1. Kaylee

    Definitely, but that is still one sweet toy.I don’t even like iPods and I want one.Shiny.

  2. Anonymous

    Where did you get the $500 price tag? No price is given at

  3. Dan Kennedy

    $499 for the base model, $599 for more memory. Click here.

  4. Vox

    Steve Jobs has more money than God and only slightly less than Bill Gates. Would it kill him to wear a suit? The whole I’m-a-regular-hipster-doofus-just-like-you look is tired.He said huffily!

  5. Peter Porcupine

    I’ve decided to galumph along with my sad Palm IIIe and a plain cel until they invent full blown tricorders!

  6. A.J. Cordi

    I’m not one for cell phones or anything, but that does look sweet! I saw somewhere that it connects directly to the television? If the price drops down to around $100 or less, I would LOVE to have one!The most I ever paid for a cell phone is $80, and it’s the one I’m using now (which I’ve actually had for almost two years now.)

  7. Stella

    Compelling junk! Whilst far from a commie, I would venture out on a limb and speculate the nonsense that folks acquire at the beginning of this millenium will reflect poorly on consumerism as a way of life; not to mention the gross selfishness attenuated.

  8. MeTheSheeple

    … did I miss something? So it’s $500 for a 4-gig iPod that also makes cell phone calls.And the cell phone is “revolutionary” because it has a touch screen.My cell phone was $20 off eBay and can let me make calls without touching a button, using voice recognition. Ooh.I’m still waiting for the iProduct.

  9. R. Scott Buchanan

    Yet still no release date for Leopard (Mac OS 10.5). In fact, no news about Mac products at all. We got television, telephones and a couple of movies from Paramount. I’m definitely a member of the “Lamest MacWorld Ever” club.I do realize that they’ve just revamped their entire hardware line in the last year to switch to Intel chips, but they could have at least thrown the geeks like me a bone.

  10. Aaron Read

    I find the arrogance of Apple astounding that they would create a cellphone that’s married to an audio player…and then make it work exclusively with a cellphone service provider whose technology causes massive audible interference to nearly all audio players within a 10-20 foot radius.In other words, you’ll hate the iPhone because it’ll interfere with itself. Constantly.I’m referring to the well-known “dit-dit-dit, dit-dit-dit, dit-dit-dit” sound that GSM data bursts cause to audio amplifiers. Try to listen to a walkman while on a subway during a crowded morning commute and you’re likely to hear it.Cingular (and the absorbed AT&T Wireless) and T-Mobile both use GSM as their wireless system. Verizon and Sprint use CDMA, which doesn’t cause audible interference. Nextel causes interference, too, but it sounds different…more like “fluttering white noise/static”.When the iPhone comes out on Verizon, and maybe has more than a paltry 8GB, I’ll consider forking over $600 and two years of my life for it. Not before.

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