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Citizen Charles Foster Kane says he’s all done with blogging — but not before taking a final shot at Gregg Jackson, the right-wing cohost of the radio show “Pundit Review.” (It’s fair and balanced — the other host is a normal conservative.)

Kane’s was a voice of intelligent incivility, and he’ll be missed. Perhaps he’ll change his mind.


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Blogger blues


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Dan and thanks to everyone who read and left comments, especially the anonymous trolls who will now have to go back under their bridges and harass goats.Your comment about Pundit Review being “fair and balanced” reminds me of the response of the lady behind the bar where the Blues Brothers play their first comeback gig when she’s asked what kind of music the bar usually has: “Oh, we got both kinds. Country and western.”

  2. Anonymous

    He’s like our own local James Walcott. He’s at his best when he’s bitching about something. It says a lot that he no longer thinks he has enough material to keep going.

  3. Citizen Charles Foster Kane

    It’s not that I don’t think there is enough material to keep going–there is abundant material–but now that the election is over I have to move back to other pursuits.

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