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Blame all around

Now that state and local officials have agreed to let the feds investigate what happened in Danvers, I anticipate that this will be my last post on the subject. But be sure to read Beth Daley’s story in today’s Boston Globe, which makes it clear that chemicals being stored at the blast site hadn’t been inspected for years because no one was doing his job, at the federal, state or local level. Good grief.

Tom Dalton of the Salem News has more.

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  1. Aaron Read

    Oh I wouldn’t be too sure this is your last post, Dan. :-)I can’t imagine this won’t be tied into the argument against an LNG plant in Fall River. If this explosion, and Beth Daley’s article, isn’t a solid argument for why LNG plants need to be located a good distance from residential areas…I don’t know what is!Screw the worries about spoiling the view! Put the damn LNG plant out on Brewster Island where it won’t kill 500,000 people when it blows up! :-/

  2. Anonymous

    As a former employee of DEP, I can say that Congress and the Legislature has never ever provided enough funding for EPA and DEP to inspect every chemical facility in a timely manner. And they also have to inspect facilities with air quality permits, hazardous waste sites, and so on, as well as do other work. The implicit statement is that there will never be enough funding to address every environmental hazard. The same goes for funding to catch every criminal, stop every terrorist, ticket every speeder, etc. We also don’t know what happened in the Danvers situation yet.

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