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Globe to Danvers: Open the site

The Boston Globe lends its editorial voice to those calling on Danvers Fire Chief James Tutko to get over himself and led the feds do their job. In the lead editorial today, the Globe argues:

Those who lost their homes and narrowly escaped death or serious injury deserve an independent federal probe that examines whether state and local failures might have contributed to the blast. Despite the presence of hazardous materials, it appears the plant wasn’t inspected by state authorities for several years. Federal authorities also will need to look closely at enforcement of local fire codes.

Yes, that’s right. By refusing to allow federal inspectors to come in, local officials are opening themselves up to accusations that they’re engaged in some sort of cover-up. Too harsh? Perhaps. But this turf war is inexplicable. You can’t blame people for wondering.

Update: The Salem News reports that State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan is worried that the U.S. Chemical Safety Board’s trained investigators would compromise what may prove to be a crime scene. On a credibility scale of 1 to 10, Coan’s explanation strikes me as about a minus-2. What is going on?

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  1. MeTheSheeple

    The Salem News is now reporting that the state fire marshal is also keeping the feds out. So now it’s local and state vs. feds, rather than local v. feds.Coan said the Chemical Safety Board might be allowed onto portions of the explosion site no longer useful in a criminal investigation. And he expected the board would play an instrumental role in the investigation if it’s determined the explosion wasn’t a crime.

  2. Aaron Read

    Looks like the kids have finally decided to share the toys in the sandbox…“All parties have agreed to cooperate in executing their different missions,” said the statement, issued after a meeting of all the agencies this morning. “The CSB and ATF will coordinate to ensure the integrity of the ongoing civil and criminal investigations during the access to the site.”

  3. BosPhotog

    Reports now say that all have kissed and made up and will work together….. Anybody catch the 9-11 audio tapes and the audio from the very first responders. The latter shows a very poised Danvers Fire Capt describing and assessing, in a very calm way, what must have been some sight rounding the corner near the car wash prior to Endicott st. I saw and heard the above on WCVB.. Excellent report by Jack Harper and great work by Stanley Forman of ‘CVB in the first few moments of the fire/explosion showing 1st responders going door to door in a frantic search for occupants…

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