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Local paper makes good

You can’t tell from the Web site, but the Salem News today has the best coverage I’ve seen of the Danvers explosion. If you’re anywhere near the North Shore, you should try to pick up a copy. A terrific front page, comprehensive stories covering every angle and lots of photos make this the best overall package out there.

Of course, you might say, the local paper should have the best coverage. True, but we all know how rarely that happens. Too many community papers lack the staff and the smarts to keep up with the big out-of-town news organizations. So it was nice to see the News turn in such a strong performance.

Disclosure: Mrs. Media Nation is a former photographer for the News, and we still know a lot of people who work there.

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  1. BosPhotog

    I am a great fan of Salem News’ photographer Paul Bilodeau. I saw lot’s of his excellent photos online but have not been able to pick up the paper itself.Disclosure: Also a big fan of Mrs. Media Nation’s photography

  2. amusedbutinformedobserver

    Good thing the explosion didn’t happen on a Saturday. The Sunday papers put out by the Eagle Tribune Publishing newspapers are absolutely horrid.

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