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A big loss

Speaking of Herald blogs, Adam Reilly confirms, via State House News Service, that the paper has lost its best blogger, political reporter Kimberly Atkins, who’s moving to Washington.

Atkins is skilled at negotiating the line between working as a straight-news reporter for print and projecting her own voice online. She mainly did it by making her blog, the Daily Briefing, interactive, with readers contributing ideas not just for the blog but for print as well.

There’s talk that the Herald may find a way to keep her blogging from her new home. That would be good news.

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  1. Cody Pomeray

    Hi Dan.Two unrelated comments…1) do you guys draw straws to see who gets stuck next to sciacca on greater boston? (just kidding!)2) have you heard this recently unearthed gem from zimmy (10/31/75)? you like. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. BosPhotog

    Good luck Kim!It was GREAT working with you.A class act through and through.MG

  3. Peter Porcupine

    I remember Kim hard at work in her plywood/sheetrock office on the crumbling fifth floor of the State House, where she suceeded Elizabeth Beardsley (hey, can SHE come back???). It won’t be the same from DC, since the State House is more like a middle school instead of an Ivy League campus like Washington. Far more rife with gossip and amateur backstabbing.She’s a good, fair writer and a nice person. Hope she gets a big fat bounce in the paycheck, and MAYBE the Daily Duo will woner why all their excellent female reporters keep leaving….

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