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Happy 40th!

The Phoenix held its 40th-anniversary party at Avalon last night, and if this were a party column, I could go on for a few sentences with boldface names. I’ll spare you, but it was great to run into former colleagues and friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen for years.

Publisher Stephen Mindich, retiring president Barry Morris and incoming president Brad Mindich all spoke. The food was good and the bands were loud.

The paper’s 40th-anniversary supplement is online here. Of course, you can also grab one out of a big red box.


More: Jon Keller, not surprisingly, puts it much better than I did. I endorse everything he says, especially with respect to Stephen and editor Peter Kadzis. Jon and I are certified old farts, but if he could get to know the current staff members, I know he’d agree that they’re every bit as good as, if not better than, we were back in the day.

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  1. Ron Newman

    If Boston After Dark started in March 1966, and the Cambridge Phoenix started in October 1969, then … what exactly is this week the 40th anniversary of? I read through the whole special issue without finding an answer to this question.

  2. MeTheSheeple

    Names, shmames. You guys would probably have had more fun if you invited a couple years’ worth of ID Check people.

  3. Dan Kennedy

    Ron: The 40th anniversary of the founding of the Boston Phoenix, originally named Boston After Dark — as in 1966-2006. I suppose they could have had the party in March, but they didn’t.

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