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The new Phoenix media critic, Adam Reilly, takes the helm of the Boston Phoenix’s Media Log, a blog I started in 2002 and that was capably handled by my successor (and predecessor!), Mark Jurkowitz, from mid-2005 until earlier this year.

I’ve fixed the link in the right-hand rail so that clicking on Adam’s name will take you to Media Log rather than the Talking Politics blog. Also, at long last, I’ve heeded Donna Halper and fixed the link to Altercation, by Eric Alterman, who moved his blog from to Media Matters quite some time ago.

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Gay marriage and the state constitution


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  1. Anonymous

    Adam Reilly’s article on the phony Big Dig memo underscores yet again the hypocrisy of media that relentlessly pursue any person in the news, but refuse to answer questions when they are the newsmakers. This pattern was highlighted repeatedly in the short-lived Brill’s Content in the late 90s. The Globe (along with its overrated editor) is merely the latest example. Dan: This issue is worth one of your thoughtful treatments.

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