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Special dogsled edition

How early is the North Pole edition of the Boston Globe printed? As you can see from this image — and no doubt from your Sunday Globe, unless you take home delivery in Boston’s northern suburbs — the death of the great Red Auerbach leads the paper today, as of course it should.

Yet there isn’t a mention of Auerbach’s death in the edition of the Globe that was delivered to Media Nation Central this morning, even though it made the front of the New York Times, which was delivered along with it.

Of course, Auerbach’s image dominates the front of the Boston Herald, too.

Now, I realize that certain things in life are constrained by the laws of physics. But tell me, Steve, exactly why is it that I pay for home delivery?

Special Northeastern aside: this Globe sidebar, a talker with Celtics fans who were interviewed at the Garden last night, is by NU student Glenn Yoder.

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  1. Anonymous

    It was most inconvenient of Red to die right on first-edition deadline. Surprising given his legendary skills at managing news. but pls keep in mind daniel that the ONLY thing that mattered getting up north on sat night was the vast array of paid auto inserts aimed at clearing the lots for the 2007 models. not even the deaths of osama bin laden and michael jackson on the same day would stay the globe or any other regional paper from that appointed round.

  2. Anonymous

    The Boston Globe’s daily circulation fell 7 percent to 386,415 and its Sunday circulation dropped 10 percent to 587,292 for the six month period that ended Sept. 30, when compared to the same six-month period in 2005, according to estimates released today by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.Daily circulation for the Boston Herald fell 12 percent for the period to 203,552, and Sunday circulation was down 13 percent to 115,214, the bureau reported.Newspapers have been suffering as readers and advertising dollars have moved to the Internet.(By Chris Reidy, Globe staff)

  3. Anonymous

    Before talking about yet another goof by another Boston paper, first things first:My sincerest condolences to a CLASS ACT’s family, may he rest in peace. They don’t make men like that anymore. I envy the people around him that were fortunate to not only witness History by his side or on his team, but all the people that were able to get closer to him and be entertained by a fun character, a great gentleman and an infinite source of great stories and anecdotes -even if I can’t stand cigar smoke.A walking Boston History monument has just left us!Does anyone know if any box of cigars will be interred with him? I can imagine how he would have made such a request. Just curious.To the printing episode, I’ll just say this: isn’t it held that among the biggest advantages the Globe has over the Herald is this home delivery system and fleet of trucks?So what good is it if it still does not afford them the ability to print later and still be able to deliver breaking news in a timely manner?Why spend the money on the system if you are still beaten to the finish line?N.PS: Was it just me or did anyone else get annoyed by the pestering Gerry character on WEEI this morning making a big fuss out of not “hearing anything from Bill Russell yet, except past taped remarks”?That was inflamatory, needless and so typically unclassy Callahan-like.

  4. Don

    Let’s light up a Cohiba for Red!

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve never understood why the stores in my town get an early edition of the Sunday Globe despite being 45 minutes west of Boston between Worcester and 495. It’s absurd. If anything happens after 9 p.m., chances are it won’t be in my paper.

  6. neil

    I got a Red edition Sunday AM in Lynn, so the polar line is north of me.Insomniating in living room Monday morning, heard the paper arrive at 4:08 AM. The new delivery person is from Chelsea. Man that’s a lousy drive at lousy hours, just to deliver the paper. I wonder how much they make.

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