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Dept. of bizarre analogies

“The two-party system works. Even in Palestine they have Hamas and Fatah.” — Gov. Mitt Romney, speaking yesterday at a Kerry Healey event.

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  1. bostonph

    The weirdest thing about that campaign appearance is Healey wasn’t there. Fox News showed a clip of her saying something like “I had plans.” They then showed a clp of Romney saying (from memory): “I just show up where the Healey team tells me to. They’re in control.”

  2. Anonymous

    When is someone — anyone — going to ask Romney, Healey, et al why their endorsement of two-party government does not extend to Washington?

  3. Anonymous

    11:22When the numbers in MA start to remotely resemble those in Washington, (re balance of power, %of legislators, etc.)you will have a point. If Dems are so powerless, why does everyone presume they are about to assume control?

  4. Anonymous

    This is nonsense. Do you think that if the numbers in MA matched those in D.C., the local Republicans would make a different argument? Principles to Republicans are talking points only. You have been monumentally gulled.

  5. Anonymous

    Ah, only Republicans lie. Numbers are a matter of opinion. Listen to yourself. You’re a cartoon.

  6. mike_b1

    Numbers are a matter of opinion. They sure are. And all those “opinions” add up to a rout of the Republican party a week from now.

  7. Anonymous

    By bizar you mean to spin the news so that Romney is somehow strange to point out that the Democratic hold both U.S. Senate seats, all 10 House seats, 87 percent of the Legislature and all constitutional offices such as attorney general and secretary of state. You show very little interest in thought when you state your conclusion (bizar) without any evidence to show why it is bizar to state a fact.It is trully a bizar world that you live in. When facts are no longer convenent.

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