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This just in

Kerry Healey’s got Deval Patrick right where she wants him. According to a new poll by Suffolk University and WHDH-TV (Channel 7), Healey now trails Patrick by 27 points. Healey’s unfavorable rating is up to 53 percent.

Obviously Healey’s strategy of buying boneheadedly offensive attack ads is working: Patrick’s folks are now likely to become overconfident, thus increasing the chance that he’ll blow it down the stretch.

Via Blue Mass. Group, which also has poll results showing Patrick ahead by 25 points and 24 points.

Patrick should ask his Internet supporters to send money to Healey so that she can buy some more ads.


Two things


Not talkin’ ’bout my generation


  1. Anonymous

    Couldn’t have said it better. An anti-campaign is not a campaign. Time to retire the jumpsuits and talk about real issues, Madame Criminologist…

  2. MeTheSheeple

    An anti-campaign is not a campaign … ? We were talking about Healey here, not the historic national Democratic efforts. Please stay on subject. =)

  3. mike_b1

    I think Patrick should ask his Internet supporters to send money to Healey so that she can buy some more shirts. Based on her commercials, she just has that one (which she apparently can’t even manage to tuck in).

  4. Anonymous

    Should she have NOT run the ads?She had to do something….I simply consider it a “punt”….

  5. Anonymous

    With numbers like this, overconfidence hardly seems possible. Tellingly, Howie Carr has written off Muffy and is reduced to trying to avoid a rout of what remains of GOP representation in the legislature.

  6. Anonymous

    healey has only one move: go super-negative. Deval and Kim Jong-Il side by side in an ad: elect Patrick and this man will blow up the world. i mean, what choice does she have? oh yeah … show some class.

  7. Anonymous

    SEIU radio ad by Locust Valley Lockjaw actor portraying “Muffy”- not negative, just humor, (before they knew her opponent)Healey ad in garage- deeply racist and negativethis is a Rorschach test as much as an election, everyone sees what they want. How sad.

  8. Anonymous

    anon1113,OK, I’ll bite. What on earth are you talking about?

  9. bostonph

    Slightly off topic, but where did Jay Fitzgerald disappear to? I’d love to hear his take on all this.

  10. Dan Kennedy

    bostonph: I’ve been wondering the same thing. Jay? Jay!

  11. bostonph

    Jay’s updated his blog to say his mother died over the weekend. My condolences.

  12. Anonymous

    Sorry 3:14,Some of us live in MA. There’s a gubernatorial campaign under way up here. WRKO, a local radio station, (among others), ran a 6 week (and six-figure!)flight of SEIU ads mocking Healey during the spring and summer. Thought to be merely juvenile at the time, it turned out to be brilliant, reinforcing Healey negatives before SEIU knew whom they were actually FOR. We’re about to find out WHY they were for Deval.11:13

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