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Coloring the debate

Here’s a pretty amazing detail that Kimberly Atkins includes in her account of last night’s debate: “Healey … stationed supporters outside the debate posing in orange jumpsuits with signs reading ‘Inmates for Deval Patrick’ …”

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  1. Anonymous

    “Coloring the debate?” If I was a thin-skinned liberal, I’d be up in arms about your headline for that post.

  2. Dan Kennedy


  3. Anonymous

    I think she stole the idea from Scott Cartman Miller. It was dumb when he did it on his show, even dumber when orchestrated by a candidate.BTW, I know “scotto” claims that as an infotainer even “truthiness” is an unfair expectation, but in today’s commercial for Kerry Healey, he says:Is Deval is afraid to debate Kerry Healey one on one? He claims, in his closing debate statement, that he wants to include everyone in the race to participate. Deval didn’t seem to have any problems with a one on one debate when he wanted to “Debate the Issues” with Attorney General Tom Reilly in the primary when Reilly was leading in the polls less than a year ago.Shockingly, the “Debate the Issues” link he provides as backing says:Patrick called on Tom Reilly to accept a debate forum for gubernatorial candidates already set for January 31.Patrick immediately said yes to the forum’s sponsors, NECN and the Society of Architects, who are still waiting for Reilly’s response. The day of the debate is coincidentally near the anniversary of the first televised debate during the 2002 election.As those of us not in the employ of the Healey campaign remember, Chris Gabrieli wasn’t in the race, yet. Kerry Healey isn’t the only one destroying her reputation.

  4. Anonymous

    while I was outside supporting Deval, some thin-skinned conservatives walked through asking us not to “spit on them.” Any clues? I’m confused. Do they expect to be victimized? Were Healey supporters spat on?that was a nice catch by Kim Atkins. she really busts her chops to get the whole story, not just the press release.

  5. Anonymous

    DK,what I think he was driving at was that no one in the Healey camp had the stones to put an African-American in the jumpsuit. After all, anyone who made this election about race would be pretty low, right Deval?

  6. Anonymous

    does if bother any of the lockstep talk-radio rightists that their paragon of criminology, Kerry Healey, can’t even count cops? She claimed in the debate that her administration has put 2,000-or-so MORE cops on the streets — without noting that a larger number HAD RETIRED OR QUIT in the same time. so in truth (a word the rightists claim ownership of) there are FEWER cops in the comunities — and don’t you think muffy knows it? Wow, she’s a real criminalist! I especially like that she signed a certficate of merit for a Whitey Bulger legbreaker whose ripping off a Hub church of $30M as we speak, and her admin. has let violent felons out on cushy work release while not even abiding by the state law that requires family notification of victims. imagine if patrick had signed the mob thug’s citation? patrick screwed up on laguer and he’ll have to eat that, but no rightist will take a serious look at the real story behind this horsy criminologist who has tried to make this a law and order campaign.

  7. Don

    Golly. And all we have out here on the left coast is Schwarzenegger.

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