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Good news on Paul Sullivan

The Lowell Sun reports that he’s recovering from brain surgery and should be back to work soon.

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  1. mike from norwell

    That’s certainly good news Dan!

  2. informedbutamusedobserver

    Glad he’s doing well, but the Sun story notes the interesting fact that one of its political columnists, and a talk-show host, draws a paycheck from the state (adjunct prof. at a community college).Isn’t this the sort of conflict of interest that torched the careers of Bill Harrington and David Farrell?

  3. mike from norwell

    Huh? An adjunct prof at a community college? I guess we’re talking real political power here. Please explain what that has to do with anything, as I don’t get your post. How is that a conflict of interest to anything?

  4. amusedbutinformedobserver

    He’s paid by the state, for a job in which one can get hired or fired with one phone call from someone with clout, yet offers commentary and opinion on matters involving state officials. It matters now how state money ends up in his pocket, the fact is that it does and if he’s writing a newspaper column and conducting a radio program, he should not also be an at-will state employee. Also, the newspaper which employs him is the paper of record in BOTH communities in which the school has a campus, do you seriously believe that if the local rep or senator got ticked off by something Sullivan wrote, the adjunct gig couldn’t vanish into the night?It’s an odious conflict of interest that none of our media ‘critics’ or ‘watchers’ want to talk about.

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