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3,000 miles from home

Given that the Los Angeles Times has a reputation for being out of touch with its home base, I find it somehow hilarious that a new project to reinvent the newspaper has become known internally as the “Manhattan Project.” Kevin Roderick has more.

Visions of nuclear armaggedon aside, the “Los Angeles Project” would definitely be a more promising name.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dan, former Bostonian living in LA, and I have to say the LAT does roughly a billion times better job covering their home territory than the Globe or the NYT does theirs.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    I’ll take your word for it — I don’t see the LA Times all that often. But I linked to a massive Ken Auletta piece in which a pretty powerful case was made that the LAT does not do a good job of local coverage.

  3. matt

    Hi there, Dan! I had (and have) nothing to do with this, but I do work somewhere on Spring Street, and so have created a blog post w/ more links & an opportunity to comment, over here. Hope all’s well with you!

  4. bostonph

    I fell in love with the LA Times during a business trip out there a year or so ago. It’s everything the Globe used to be. Good in-depth coverage, great A&E section, amazing food section, …I can’t speak for the quality of the local coverage, since I don’t live there, but it seemed more varied and in-depth than ours. By comparison, the Globe’s coverage of Cambridge is almost exclusively articles on Harvard. The Times has definitely gone down hill a bit in the last year (e.g. their Romney article), but nothing compared to horror of the new Globe (especially SideKick and what they’ve done to the Globe magazine).Bottom line: I look at a few times week. I look at the Times on-line daily.-Paulp.s. Maybe the “Manhattan Beach Project” would have been better?

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