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Who won?

This could be nothing more than the enthusiasm of Deval Patrick’s Net-savvy supporters, but — as of this moment — nearly 59 percent of the more than 4,000 people responding to a survey say that Patrick won last night’s debate.

Slightly more than 30 percent awarded it to Kerry Healey, while Christy Mihos and Grace Ross both came in at less than 6 percent.

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Driving into the ditch


Thoughts on the debate


  1. Lenny Harris

    Also take into account The Globe and’s readership profile, which skews left. If the Herald’s website put up a similar survey, the results might be very different.

  2. Anonymous

    These types of polls are unscientific and completely meaningless. Literally.

  3. bostonph

    I hate to say it, but Healey reminded me of the nuns from CCD, especially with that perpetually wagging finger. She came off as shrill and bitter.Lisa Wegman at the Globe saw her saying “Not surprisingly, none of you managed to answer the question” as “clinching her advantage.” I thought it came off as petulant, whiny, and over-rehearsed.She also made a huge mistake (in my opinion) by making her closing statement about Deval, rather than her. It made her sound even more like a angry poodle and him seem even more like the front runner. She should have focused on what she brings to the table. Given her ties to Romney and his use of this state as a political football, she needed to build trust. Deval should definitely have hit harder. The problem with all the recent “why are people supporting Patrick when they disagree with his positions” analysis is the assumption that the income tax role back and immigration are what I care about MOST. I don’t. I care about jobs and infrastructure and having my civil rights protected. Put another way — Kerry Healey doesn’t even know how many towns we have in this state. He should have nailed her for it. Same with her complete non-answer on gay marriage.

  4. bostonph

    Actually, the Herald’s poll shows the same results.

  5. mike_b1

    The number of towns in Mass. is trivia that obscures the big picture. Deval is leading because precisely he is likeable and remains above the fray. Voters have presumably learned not to put much stock into what the candidates say anymore — which are pretty much all lies or half-truths, anyway — and to focus instead on how they say it. (This approach will serve John Edwards well if he runs again.)

  6. bostonph

    Mike,Yes, a staunch Republican friend says he finally understands how Gore supporters felt during the Gore/Bush debates. He wanted to believe Kerry Healey won because he personally agrees with much of what she says, but gets that she comes off as shrill and unlikable, especially compared to Deval (I think he actually said “like Diane from Cheers, without the charm.”).I raise the number of towns in Mass. point because she kept repeating it to show how in touch she is with the state…-Paul

  7. Mr Weebles

    I’m a Massachusetts registered Republican, and I voted for Ross in the poll.Just for fun.

  8. mike_b1

    how’d that work out for you, mr weebles,?

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