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The Globe’s new online look

Emulating its corporate big brother, the Boston Globe has unveiled a new online look, listing every story in the paper on its home page. More prominence is given to an image of the front page as well.

It’s clean and attractive. So what’s to complain about? This: virtually no photos. The Globe has never given photographs the same prominence on its Web site that it does in the paper, with the exception of special projects like this. The Globe’s alter ego,, is loaded with photos. But the pictures have pretty much disappeared from the daily online edition.

One of the pleasures of reading the Times on the Web is the excellence of the photojournalism. The Globe’s got some fine photographers. Can we please see their work online?

More: John Daley likes the new look as well. Strangely, he says nothing about the photo shortage, even though he’s a terrific photographer himself. (Click here and check out the right-hand rail.)

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  1. Anonymous

    The Globe’s new online look looks like a step or two backwards. I think it looks terrible, and nothing like the new NYT which I think is great.When I first checked it out Sunday, I assumed the makeover was still in progress. Today I’m looking at it and saying, “That’s *it*?”

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